On October 4, 1997, over one million men traveled to our nation’s capitol to honor our Lord, pray for our nation, and our families. The stated purpose of this gathering was “to gather a diverse multitude of men in the name of Jesus Christ, to confess personal and collective sin so that we may present to the Lord godly men on their knees in humility, then on their feet in unity, reconciled and poised for revival and spiritual awakening.”

I was there; the experience was supernatural, and I was a skeptic. Park rangers at the event told me that they had never seen a crowd like this one before, and there could be no doubt that the attendance was in excess of one million.

The amazing thing was that there were no strangers, everyone was a friend. At this gathering, we were Christians—not Catholics, Orthodox, or Protestants. At this event our shared heritage helped us celebrate our shared destiny.