New Book by Tommy Daugherty

Will Christian History Survive the Information Age?

Is it possible we are losing our identity as Christians because we have such little knowledge of our past? By embracing our history, we can strengthen our faith and become a conduit for our heritage to continue to the next generation. This book will show you how!

Our Christian identity has been greatly challenged in the twenty-first century. Our ancestors faced many of the same challenges to their faith that we face today. By connecting to them, we gain from their wisdom. Why Your History Matters has been written to provide morsels of Christian history to believers in hopes of igniting a revival of interest and a need to know more. The more we know, the deeper our passion will be for Christ.

As believers in Christ, we share an amazing and wonderful heritage that can be traced back to the first believers. Our history includes Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as well as Polycarp, Constantine, St. Jerome, William Tyndale, Martin Luther, Joan of Arc, Jonathan Edwards, and countless others. When we remember our Christian ancestors and learn from their experiences, we are reaching out across the ages and connecting with them.

How firm a foundation our faith has, when it includes an understanding of brothers and sisters whose faith made a difference in the world. We need to reconnect to our rich heritage and discover and embrace the history that connects and unites us. We need to link arms with our Christian ancestors and preserve a Christian heritage for our children.