For two years I was compelled to write my book, Why Your History Matters. Being a first time author, I realize any marketing of the book was on my shoulders. But, since I have a full-time job as a sole practitioner CPA, it is often difficult to find time to reach out to organizations, which may be open to receiving the message that our Christian heritage is at risk of being lost to the next generation. There was concern that I would be motivated to share my book with others after its publication in March of 2016.

But then I was confronted by the reality of living in an age of misinformation. Misinformation pertaining to the Crusades, the Reformation, the core differences between the two major religions in the world (Christianity and Islam), and the list goes on. I think Tim Burton’s 1996 movie, “Mars Attacks!” struck a nerve relating to people’s inability to use common sense. In the movie the Martians claim to come in peace, while at the same time they are vaporizing Congress. That reminds me of comments made about the threat of ISIS, while at the same time thousands of Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East.

The very sad thing that seems to be occurring is that if there was ever a time Christians should be reading their Bibles and having a basic knowledge of their heritage, the opposite seems to be happening. If ever there was a time Sunday school content for Middle School and High School age children should reflect content that challenges their minds, the opposite seems to be happening.

Fellow Christians, it has never been more important to have sound doctrinal teaching of the Bible, the entire Bible, not excluding parts that are politically incorrect in the current age. It has never been more important for Christians to be aware of the common bond they share, regardless of the denomination to which they belong. All Christians can trace their heritage back to Antioch.

It is time to reconnect to our past, and preserve our Christian heritage for our children.